PAGE opposes the County Council mineral extraction plans with an evidence-based approach that involves specialists in:

  • Archaeology           Geology
  • Ecology                   Landscape impact
  • Hydrology               Transport
  • Economics             Agriculture

Our specialist teams are already working hard to prepare our fight against gravel extraction in our local communities, but these efforts are not without expense and we need your donations to help make the strongest possible case and employ expert representation at all the planning stages.

Donations to PAGE will help protect your local lifestyle and environment from the potential disruption and destruction caused by gravel extraction in this area.

If Oxfordshire County Council are successful, gravel extraction will cause noise, dust and traffic disruption on a daily basis. Gravel extraction is likely to affect property values and resale prices in our villages for the next 15 years.

You can make a donation by contacting Doug Struthers:

PAGE Campaign – fund raising

Thank you for your support.

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