Our Local Heritage

Our rich local heritage is at the heart of PAGE's fight to oppose gravel extraction in the area.

Impact of Gravel Extraction

The expected impact of gravel extraction on local archaeology, lifestyles, economy and transport.

2003 Page Campaign

In 2003, Parishes Against Gravel Extraction (PAGE) was formed to defend the Stadhampton-Berinsfield-Warborough-Benson area from the Oxfordshire County Council's County Structure Plan which designated the local area as a site for sand and gravel extraction.

2010-12 Page Campaign

PAGE fought its campaign on two fronts: to oppose the government-imposed targets for sand and gravel in Oxfordshire; and to defend the PAGE area from inclusion in the County Council Minerals strategy.

What is PAGE?

PAGE – Parishes Against Gravel Extraction – is an alliance of seven Parish Councils representing over 5500 residents in South Oxfordshire. PAGE is opposed to the Oxfordshire County Council Minerals and Waste Development Framework which threatens the local area with massive gravel extraction plans.

Originally formed in 2003, PAGE has successfully opposed gravel extraction in the area since that time.PAGE uses an evidence-based approach to opposition, involving experts in the fields of archaeology, ecology, landscape impact, geology, hydrology, economics, agriculture and transport to prevent gravel extraction from devastating our local communities.

The seven Parish Councils forming the PAGE alliance:

Key people:

  • Chairman: Edward Hayter
  • Treasurer: James Nettleton
  • Fundraising: Doug Struthers
  • Communications: David Wiblin
  • Committee member: Stephen Dawson

PAGE is a not-for-profit organisation.