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2017 October Website Update

Back to a single domain!

Last year the PAGE Campaign had to move its offical website to a new domain which ran alongside the original site at We are pleased to report that the old, abandoned, site has now been closed and the site that you are currently on is now the only PAGE website. Even if you type the old .org address into your browser you will arrive at, the offical PAGE Campaign website.

However, please note that previous .org email addresses still may not be received, so please make the necessary changes to your contact lists, adding a '.uk' to the end after the '.org'.

The website has been rebuilt retaining the familiar visual style of the previous site but you may come across some errors or occasional hiccups – so please report any issues to our webmaster by using the link at the foot of the page.

Please for inclusion on the site via our new comments@ email address.

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Press releases & media coverage

Please or telephone 07432 126 514 for all media enquiries.

Press releases

Wordle-launchcampaign copy

The image above is a Wordle of our launch press coverage. Click here to find out how we created this image. Image courtesy of

19 July 2010

Press release - PAGE calls on Oxfordshire County Council to exert self-determination of minerals production targets - download the full press release.

11 June 2010

Press release - The PAGE Campaign funds two major new archaeological discoveries in Oxfordshire - download the full press release.

Hi-res image of artist's reconstruction - download 'reconstruction.jpg' (6Mb, jpeg, 600dpi).

10 May 2010

Press Release - PAGE supports an Oxfordshire County Council report to oppose regional government minerals target - download the full press release.

29 March 2010

Press release - PAGE relaunches to fight gravel wars! - download the full press release.

Media Coverage

10 August 2010

The Oxford Journal - Angry residents to meet PM over quarry concerns - additional comments by Steve Thompson, PAGE spokesman, on the meeting between AGGROW and David Cameron - also online at

9 August 2010

The Henley Standard - Campaign against plan for mineral processing plant - article covering the PAGE public meeting in Benson - also online at

23 July 2010

The Oxford Times - Calls for review of minerals quota - also online at

21 July 2010

BBC Radio Oxford - Drivetime show - Interview with Steve Thompson, PAGE spokesman, on the proposed changes to County minerals policy

20 July 2010

BBC Radio Oxford - News Bulletins -  comment from PAGE on the revocation of the South East Plan and changes to County minerals policy

11 June 2010

The Oxford Times - Roman finds "are unique" - also online at

Oxford Mail - Roman finds on gravel pit land - also online at

18 May 2010

BBC Radio Oxford - Drivetime show - Interview with John Taylor, PAGE Vice-Chairman, following the County Council decision to oppose the regional government minerals quota

13 May 2010

The Oxford Times - "Report backing gravel fight" - also online at

9 April 2010

BBC Oxford news - report on the launch of the PAGE Campaign, regional targets imposed on Oxfordshire in comparison to other counties, and a response from Hansons. Aired on the 6pm and 10:25pm regional news bulletins on BBC1.

Henley Standard - article on gravel extraction in the south of the county and the launch of the PAGE Campaign

Oxford Times - letter from County Councillor and County Heritage Champion Lorraine Lindsay-Gale supporting the PAGE Campaign - "Protect historic environment"

8 April 2010

Wallingford Herald - full page article, editorial leader and letter from County Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale - also on

1 April 2010

Oxford Times - FRONT PAGE - 'Gravel plan is threat to countryside' - also on

Oxford Mail - page two - 'More areas set for gravel pits'
Oxford Mail - opinion page - 'Between a rock and a hard place' - also on

Oxford Journal - FRONT PAGE - 'Undermining our heritage' and online news article - 'Councils fear gravel plans could lead to "chaos"' on

BBC Radio Oxford Drivetime interview with Phil Mercer

Letter from our County Councillor, Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, has also been published in the Oxford Mail showing her support for the PAGE Campaign.

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